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About Us

What makes us different?

Professional standards

We are a well-renowned, dependable firm with high standards. We work in a respectful, efficient, and professional way, only seeing a job as complete when we, and our client, is 100% satisfied.

Investing in the team

Our greatest asset is the people we work with and we’re proud of the multi-skilled team we’ve built. Everyone brings something different, which means we can offer an extensive service to our clients.

A little bit extra

At Deadsmooth Developments we pride ourselves on always going above and beyond. We add a little bit of extra effort, imagination, problem-solving and good old-fashioned logic to every job we deliver.

How Deadsmooth Developments began

I entered the building trade at a very young age helping a builder who lived over the road. I quickly picked up essential skills and knowledge, so that by the age of 19 I had a good understanding of most of the trades required to be a builder. Following this I was trained by a very well-known and well-respected local plasterer. He took me under his wing, teaching me everything he knew until I was fully skilled and ready to set up on my own.


For many years Deadsmooth Plastering built a strong reputation, efficiently delivering projects of all sizes in Gloucestershire and beyond. The business grew and we employed a team of workers covering a range of skills and increasing our offering. We also began collaborating with a range of respected partners including high-end architects and construction specialists.


The combination of so much building expertise prompted the transition to Deadsmooth Developments; a comprehensive building and development firm covering a wide range of projects across both residential and commercial properties.

Paul Rimell

Director, Deadsmooth Developments Ltd

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